Our Qualifications

 Charles Preston    SysWisdom LLC

Information technology security

 Sole consultant and member of consulting teams for corporations in the banking, financial services, transportation, telecommunications, computer, and pharmaceutical industries, smaller private companies and local government, including risk assessment and system integrity. Security assessments, including outside and inside network and physical penetration testing, for Fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations.

 Created information security policy for very large financial corporation(team effort). 

 Information security seminars and consulting engagements in 12 countries. 

 Participation in information warfare studies for branches of the U.S. DoD. 

 Performed open source intelligence collection related to cyber terrorism.

 Studies of new information protection technologies for a U.S. DoE computer laboratory. 

 Court testimony as an expert witness in digital forensics. Performed forensic and data

recovery work for law enforcement and civil cases, and assisted other forensic examiners.

Information technology

• As a Microsoft, Novell, and wireless network (CWNT) certified trainer, taught numerous certification classes.

• Administered, diagnosed and repaired networked computer systems. 

• Author/co-author of articles on digital forensics and information security.

City and state law enforcement

 Commander of a statewide Investigative Support Unit.  

 Supervised complex cases and investigations. 

 Designed, implemented, and programmed intelligence databases

Electronic surveillance

 Technical eavesdropping countermeasures including telephone switch privacy and toll fraud security assessments.

 Law enforcement experience with audio and video recording and surveillance. 

Wireless networking and communications

 Wireless LAN designs for large buildings, including hospitals, where security was an important or mandated design feature. These include U.S. Government facilities.

 Presented classes in wireless LAN site survey, design and troubleshooting. 

 Radio communications experience in HF, VHF, UHF and microwave

Technology certifications achieved (some not current, including CISSP)

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Ethical Hacker, CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer, Certified Wireless Network Administrator, Certified Wireless Network Trainer, CompTIA A+ & N+, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Certified Novell Instructor, Certified Novell Engineer, Federal Communications Commission commercial radio/radar technician.


M.S. Advanced Investigation focusing on digital forensics

B.A. Psychology

Professional associations

IEEE Computer Society, Alaska Peace Officers Association

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